Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fourth Circuit Judicial Races

Okay, I know judicial races aren't sexy. We don't get the love and flair like we get from the national candidates. Hell, judicial candidates aren't even allowed to get bogged down in the nuances and annoyances of those pesky political party labels. But what can I say, I'm taking a keen interest in the race this time. I finally have an opinion, for what it's worth. So I want to look at some of the candidates and see what we have to look forward to as the campaigns kick into high gear over the next several months.

I'm liking the idea of highlighting those striving for probably the most thankless job an attorney could possibly have (just ask some of the New York judges who haven't had a pay raise in almost six years and are quitting the bench because they've run out of savings and need to start supporting their families again).

But I digress. The first candidate of interest who comes to mind is Adrian Soud who is looking to move into Judge Charles Mitchell's seat. A. Soud has deep local and legal roots in Jacksonville (father = former judge, mother = ex-mayoral candidate and city counsel president, etc). My reason for focusing first on A. Soud is the concern I felt when I read in the Daily Record that he was running. I was, simply, confused.

Okay, Adrian is a great guy. Honest, nice, positive, and one of easier attorneys to be on the other side of the table from. My two cases with him were handled with ease and grace because there was no unnecessary motion practice like one might see in south Florida (or New York). So, as a person and attorney, I like him. But where's the experience? Not even ten years out and, what, judge?!?!?! But who am I? His campaign kickoff invite reads like a who's who of the plaintiff's bar. Yeah, the Farahs, the Harrells, the Pajcics, Hogan, you get the picture. Anyway, I don't think he's got much to worry about.

Another thing that bothered me, though, was when I saw his name on the list of new inductees to the Jacksonville Bar at the last luncheon. NEW INDUCTEE. What? But . . . Adrian . . . why . . . now? Oh, right. Probably not a bad idea to get with the local bar if you're going to run for the bench. Oh, Dawn Hudson's name was on the same list. No comment.

So Adrian Soud has thrown his hat into the ring. Check out his firm's website for a quick bio. I'll update info as necessary. Not sure there will be any competition for this seat, but it's not looking like it.

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