Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Derailing the Straight Talk Express -- Exposing The Lies -- Swaying The Misinformed

I have friends who have told me they would vote for McCain over Obama, but Hillary over both. Seeing as how Hillary's campaign is turning into nothing but a bad memory, I think it very important to arm myself with every tool available to counter the "McCain's not such a bad guy and isn't he really a pretty centrist straight shooter anyway" blindspeak.

Hopefully the below is one such tool. Circulate as necessary. Upload it to your ipod or iphone or whatever to show at the next family gathering to your confused 18 year old cousin, your vacant 89 year old grandmother (or grandfather) or your recently laid off 45 year old uncle when you catch any one of them stumbling over their misplaced reasoning for why they think, but are not sure, they want to support McCain.

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political animal said...

I like your comments about local politics. here's one for you:

Shirk Qualifies for Ballot in Public Defender Race
Jacksonville private attorney first Republican ever to earn ballot spot, run for PD

Jacksonville, FL – Making history in the 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Matt Shirk has become the first Republican ever to qualify for a ballot position in the 2008 General Election race for the office of Public Defender. The 4th Circuit includes Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties. No other Republicans filed paperwork to campaign for the office of Public Defender, leaving only a General Election contest between Shirk and the Democrat incumbent.

“We were thrilled to avoid a Primary in this race,” said Shirk. “While it is a healthy exercise for our democracy, it does put a strain on resources needed for the November election. We have a lot of work to do to unseat the incumbent who has been part of the Public Defender’s office for a long time. Prior to his holding the office, he served as an assistant under the old administration for more than 20 years. It is time that we get some new blood in the Public Defender’s office!”

Republicans in the three counties of the 4th Circuit are thrilled to put forth a young, energetic and knowledgeable candidate for Public Defender – something they have never before done. Party leaders say it ‘speaks to the strength of the GOP in Northeast Florida.

"As the first Republican to ever qualify for the Duval County Public Defender’s race, Matt Shirk joins an impressive field of candidates from our Party that will be representing our core conservative values in this years upcoming elections,” said John Falconetti, Republican Executive Committee Chairman of Duval County. “The Republican Party's values resonate with the citizens of Duval County, and we are proud to have Matt competing for this seat."

Presently a sole practitioner in Jacksonville with a concentration in criminal law, Matt Shirk has maintained his own law practice since November 2006. Throughout his legal career, he has tried more than 60 criminal trials. Prior to opening his own law practice, Shirk spent nearly two years in the Jacksonville law firm of Tassone & Eler. Early in 2007, Shirk launched his candidacy as a Republican for Public Defender in the 4th Circuit where will bring fiscal responsibility to the office and protect your tax dollars