Monday, May 12, 2008

George Lovenguth -- Democratic Candidate For District 5 State Senate

A couple weeks ago, I posted an announcement of sorts about a Democratic candidate named George Lovenguth who is challenging Republican incumbent Stephen Wise for the District 5 State Senate seat. (District 5 runs mostly along the west of Duval County to almost Macclenny, down from Nassau and into Clay, and the western part of St. Johns, stopping a bit west of St. Augustine.)

As I was unable to find much about Mr. Lovenguth on my own, I asked for anyone with information to provide what they could. The below is the response I received in the form of a full biography. I also provide a campaign website of sorts, which appears to be in the beginning stages of development.

The disclaimers to the bio are as follows: (1) This bio did not come directly from the Lovenguth campaign, but second hand, apparently from the Westside Democratic Club of Nassau County; (2) I have never met or spoken to anyone in the Lovenguth campaign; (3) I have not formed my own personal opinions about this race other than having the usual inclinations for supporting a democrat over a republican; and, (4) This post is not a blind endorsement of Lovenguth. I'd still like to know more about the candidate.

Born May 18, 1951, George Anthony Lovenguth has served many public causes, from decorated Vietnam conflict war veteran to Chairman of the first City of Perth Amboy New Jersey re-development Commission in the late 1980's to operating his own flight training school in Linden, New Jersey during the 1980's to being real estate broker and consultant on land matters and re-development issues to being an advocate for disabled veterans and their families.

George is a survivor of the Agent Orange exposure while an aircrew member aboard the Ch-46D model helicopter serving with HMM-262 while in country transporting fellow Marines under hostile fire daily. Nineteen years after his honorable discharge, George Anthony Lovenguth entered the veteran healthcare system where he passed his time assisting other veterans with their VA claims.

Today George Anthony Lovenguth resides with his wife Karen J. Bessemer Lovenguth in the Riverside section of Jacksonville where they also own and operate a coffee shop named Heartworks Cafe which is doing business as Scribes Cafe; a small Ma and Pa coffee Shop which serves specialty coffee and a lunch. It is located at 820 Lomax Street in the 5 Points historic district in Riverside.

They lived in Williston, Florida in Levy County before moving to Jacksonville four years ago.

George Lovenguth has volunteered for most of his positions during his lifetime and it’s been from the many Florida veterans he has met and from the many Florida senior citizens he meets daily at the Scribe Cafe coffee shop that the decision to become the Florida state senator from district five was made.

George Anthony Lovenguth has given a lifetime of service to his fellow man. He has lived his life with honor and integrity and volunteers to assist when the people around him speak with him about the issues that they state they need help with in their lives. George not only listens’ to these people but he writes on their behalf to get their message through. Having studied literature for most of his academic life George Anthony Lovenguth earned his BA degree with a specialty in literature in 1994 after going to college part time over a period of 20 years. He knows the reading and writing process and wants all young students to have a better opportunity to also be able to read and write. He had to withdraw from the master of education degree program at Nova Southeastern University in 1996 because of his service connected disability.

As a Florida state senator George Anthony Lovenguth has the training and experience to put forward a bill or two that will benefit the people of Florida in terms of educational improvement, healthcare issues, and whatever other issue of challenge that may present itself. On the other hand, George Anthony Lovenguth will not vote on any bill that puts the interest of outsider businessmen first. He will vote yeas on the bills that benefit the residents of district five and the full time resident of Florida overall.

George Anthony Lovenguth is especially astute with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs procedures and during his last PET scan he checked out quite clean and clear of any remaining health problems. He will attend every senate meeting day and them some. He will [not?] enroll in the senate health care program either.

For relaxation George Anthony Lovenguth enjoys spending time with his wife and listening to other concerns about life in Jacksonville and Florida. He travels once or twice a year to visit family in Colorado and New Jersey. Gardening is a favorite past time, as is maintaining his 1995 Chevy Caprice 9C1 model and keeping his guns ready for inspection.

It needs to be noted that George Anthony Lovenguth earned the Combat Action Medal, the much esteemed Air Medal, and of great pride to him, the Naval Air Crew insignia (Combat Aircrew Wings) with three stars for his volunteer helicopter missions in South East Asia when he was only 18 years old as a young Marine Corps Corporal.

There is no doubt of where his intentions are when it comes to assisting those in need. George Anthony Lovenguth is one of the good guys and one of the many very patriotic Americans in America today. He is a loyal life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and appreciates a good air show.

Thank you.


oldsalt said...

After reading the above, I drove down to meet George at the Scribes Cafe. He invited me to sit down and chat with him. I explained my differences with the Florida Republican leadership in the area of education.

I came away with the sense that he is just as his bio tells us, and that he is a good listener. He is not afraid to ask for more information when discussing an area outside of his expertise.

This Republican has found more in common with Democrat George than with the entire sitting Florida Senate.

Robert said...

I grew up with George, I've known him for almost 50 years. One thing that you can expect for George is to be there if you needed him. I went into the Marine Corps a year before George did. You know the saying(IT'S A SMALL WORLD) Well during my second tour I was on a convoy coming out of the port of DaNang near Marble Mountain, who do I run into was George. Like I said he is always there.
I'm also a disabled VET. When I was going to a Comp & Pention Hearing George wrote a 6 page letter to the Hearing Board down in Washington D.C for me. Any state would benifit with George as their Senator.
Bob Fedak