Thursday, March 13, 2008

Check Your Wrist, There's Still A Pulse

Plans are still in the works to launch the First Coast Democratic Professionals Council and an inaugural event is being hatched for the end of April. Right now, we are asking all interested people to go to the DPC website and sign up to receive event notifications. Given the fact that registered Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by over 40,000 in Duval County (yes, you read that correctly), the success of the DPC should be a no brainer.

Despite all of the bickering going back and forth between the two Democratic contenders and the fight that's brewing in this state to conduct a do over primary vote, this truly is the year for local Democrats to unite and show the rest of the state and country that Northeast Florida is not the Republican stronghold that people think it is.

The Democrats have a strong candidate in Jay McGovern as he campaigns for Ander Crenshaw's seat in Florida's Fourth Congressional District. Bob Harms is coming off of his court victory that unseated Jay Jabour and is well-positioned to take the at-large Group 2 seat on the city council. And despite getting away with less than a slap on the wrist, John Peyton, Art Shad and other top GOP officials were found to have committed legal and ethical violations.

The mission statement of the DPC is to re-engage area professionals in Democratic politics. There could not be a more perfect time to get out, get involved, get active, get seen, get heard.

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